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Is Spring here yet?

In Chicago, IL it was finally warm enough to go outside and look at the flowers that are beginning to peek up out of the ground. I can hardly wait for this winter to be over, and it got me thinking… if I were getting married soon I would be a little nervous. But no matter what mother nature has in store for the Spring bride, at least the food should still be great! A great catered is prepared for anything! If you are still looking for a caterer, this article might help:

10 Questions You Should Ask Wedding Caterers


Green Weddings (in honor of St. Patrick’s Day)

Since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, I decided to see what fun green wedding ideas and options were out there. Here are some of the interesting places I discovered. Enjoy!

In Bride Connections’ home town of Chicago, this organization brings like-minded brides and vendors together!

This company offers an eco-friendly place for wedding dresses, and is part of a Fair Trade women’s sewing group.

If you ever are looking for a unique Facebook page to follow, this is one of my personal favorites. They have interesting flower designs for weddings (and other events that would benefit from the distinctive look that these flowers bring)

And just for fun… a green and white wedding :)

A blog of her own!

Hi and welcome to the Bride Connections blog. We created Bride Connections to help other brides keep track of all those little details that go into a wedding.

Our checklists are really great and easy-to-follow. Every day I see more examples of how they can help people stay on top of their to-do lists. I hope you’ll check out the different wedding checklists we have.

I’ll be talking more about them, and the other tools and tips we have, on this blog. Hope you come back soon!